Kyle Estrada

Sales Manager

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A little bit about me...

Kyle Estrada is Sales Manager for CENTURY 21 Allstars. He is a hands on manager that provides skills instruction and motivational coaching in individual and group training sessions. He instills confidence and provides encouragement to agents with different levels of production with special attention to goal achieving.

Kyle was born in the City of Los Angeles, CA, and raised in Downey, CA. A devoted grandson that dedicated his time to care for his ill grandmother. He experienced difficult economic times to be able to provide what his grandmother needed. His early steps in to the business world were as a customer service manager where he exceeded expectations and learned the importance of quality mentorship and leadership.

Kyle joined the real estate industry in 2003 and has been managing, training and coaching since 2005. He earned his high caliber coaching reputation while working for Coldwell Banker First Class, Coldwell Banker Dynasty, and First Team Realty. During 2008, his father Richard Estrada persuaded Kyle to join CENTURY 21 Allstars. After Kyle joined our team , he established coaching platforms that focus on three key factors, education, efficiency, and consistency for our agents. He is determined to keep our agents eductated, as he believes our industry will deliver better real estate professionals if agents maintain their passion for learning.

His strong background and knowledge of residential real estate contracts creates education trainings that make the contracts less complicated, easy to understand and most importantly, the lectures can be applied immediately after each class. During his coaching sessions, he applies Mike Ferry, Tom Ferry and Jim Rohn selling capstones that provide agents with skills, structure and guidance to increase their production.

Kyle’s sole focus is to change the perception of the real estate industry from the inside out by using his philosophy that the public deserves a better level of service and it is our responsibility to deliver it.